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THE STORY OF CP SKINCARE (Formerly Castle Pines Skincare)

Best in the Business

CP Skincare offers an online store that has continually featured a variety of high-quality and affordable products and services since day one.


Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning and continues to drive us into the future. I invite you to renew the look of your skin with our globally recognized professional skincare products and treatments powered by Environ Skincare.  We offer exclusively designed treatments that are a true investment for the health of your skin.

About me, I obtained my Esthetics license in 2016, graduating from Saddleback College. CA and opened OC Skincare Studio in California.  Since obtaining my license I have been committed to continuing my post-graduate education immediately starting at The International Dermal Institute, mastering classes on 11/9/16 Acids Peels and Exfoliants, 11/21/16 Galvanic & High-Frequency treatments, 11/30/16 International Skin Care Techniques (3day), 1/3/17 ACNE: Types, Triggers, and Treatments, 1/17/17 Medical Skin Care: What Therapists Need to Know, 1/25/17 How To Achieve Amazing Results on the Skin, 1/30/17 Skin Series: How the Skin Works, 1/31/17 Chinese Acupressure, 1/24/17 Treating Sensitive Skin, 1/31/17 Skin Diseases and Disorders, 2/7/17 Successfully Treating Hyperpigmentation, 2/13/17 Skin Analysis 101 and 2/14/17 Results and Treatments of the Aging Skin. Thus Post Graduate Certificate of Achievement was obtained by passing a written examination administered by The International Dermal Institute. I have also successfully completed Training with DermaPlane Pro, PCA Skin, Circadia by Dr. Pugliese, Image Aesthetic Institute, Needling Guide course by Dr. Lance Setterfield, Master Micro-Needling with Associated Skin Care Professionals, and completed Oncology Esthetics Training thru International Society for Oncology Estheticians & Allied Professionals.  I additionally completed the AnteAge Academy for The Science of Stem Cells, Growth Factors, & Cytokines in Aesthetics.  I am certified as a Bio-Therapeutic Technologist, completing their Institute of Technology training for Hydro Micro-dermabrasion. 


I am so proud to be an Environ Stockist! I am certified for Retail Sales, Professional services, treatments, and certified & qualified to perform Environ Skin Peel Treatments.  The Ethics of Environ Skin Care distributor Founded twenty-five years ago, Environ focused on harnessing powerful scientific research to provide the most effective skin care products available. As the pioneer in results-driven skincare, Environ became the first cosmetic product to supply vitamin A, C, and other antioxidants ineffective dosages in special, airless packaging designed to protect the efficacy of all ingredients. Environ continues to be one of the most efficacious, safest skincare ranges in the world. They are a generation ahead of other companies. Environ Skin Care products are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials. Unless stated otherwise, no preservatives are added during the manufacturing of Environ products. Environ has to declare every ingredient used by the manufacturers of each individual raw material, therefore, preservatives indicated in the declaration of ingredients are due to some of the raw materials that contain preservatives. It is important to note that Environ is one of the very few products in the world that does not have any preservatives added to the formula during manufacture. Almost all other companies which produce products sold or labeled specifically for the non-European environment, do not declare the ingredients in raw materials. Environ products are tested on human volunteers only. Being a cruelty-free company, the finished product is never tested on animals. Products are first tested on Dr. Fernandes and other directors of the company, then on an expert panel, and finally clinical trials on human volunteers are conducted for years prior to market release. Each product is only released to the public once it has been shown, by lengthy clinical testing, to be effective and safe.

Continued education and quality professional treatments are my priority.


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